The Sweet Spot

To be Love is to give Love

To hug those who need it most

To rewind with the power of your mind,
to step in and hug those who’ve hurt you the most
feel it as vivid as you can

Let your heart be open

Let your mind forgive

Let the love conquer

so we can ALL be FREE

Eén antwoord op “The Sweet Spot”

  1. Many people think that once they discern their sweet spot, work will be perpetual bliss. Not so. Often, the place where you are most effective requires doing something that you don’t find personally thrilling, but that allows you to have massive impact. I know many prolific writers who gasp! don’t enjoy the process of writing, and many great entrepreneurs who find building a team a bit of a grind. However, they also recognize that they are uniquely capable of adding value through these activities, and they are more in love with the results than they are with their temporary comfort.

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