Once in a while there is a story in English!

So first of all, welcome to a new story. My name is already known I believe.. Tessey yes indeed. Very well, so I wish to be a story teller. Now don’t be fooled this sounds easier than it looks! Ever sat behind a screen and thought about which story is that exciting or sad or utterly romantic that you should write it down for it to become a story….?

Well that is the thing, maybe I should just start.. Let me explain, about a year ago a business woman from my beautiful city  à Rotterdam contacted me with the question if I would like to start writing columns about travelling. She had a look on my Instagram page and found a well-travelled girl. Now I was absolute amazed by this invite! You know like many of us, I also have this dream to be a writer, there you have it a Story Teller! And this woman gave me the strength or opportunity if you may to start making my dream come true! Ow Wow! So there I was sitting behind my computer thinking about all my adventures.. and I picked one that was exciting and sad yet with a happy ending!.. For I am a hopelessly romantic soul… I believe in miracles and every story should have a happy ending. So I started writing and it went quit well, finished it in a heartbeat. But that’s when it gets scary as hell… you have to let someone read it and .. well approve it. Let’s see you would be honest and kind while giving me feedback? I figured my aunt would! She raised me as one of her own, while always having respect for my parents, even in the rough times. Yup she was my perfect test person! Called her first to explain and then sent it to her for her to read it.

Ow dear I was getting a bit nervous, I’ll tell you that! So within a few minutes she got back to me! She liked it!! I couldn’t feel more proud! Now I was feeling confident enough to send it to the lady who made me write it in the first place.. Safe and sent!.. And then I waited anxiously for her reply..

A day passed and *bleep, you’ve got mail* It wasn’t a very long mail, she felt every word I wrote, “what a story!” she said! Now to me that was quit a compliment actually so I felt so happy and gratefull all up till the end of her email… She wanted different type of stories, like tips and tricks. Like, no offence if you are reading this, there already are billions of tips and tricks stories! So I emailed back that tips and tricks aren’t really my cup of tea.. I wish to tell stories..

She never replied me back after that. Which made me a bit sad, kind of shattered this dream of mine. Will I ever again be a story teller?!

So it took me a year to write a new story. This story.

Never let some other than yourself take away your dream. If you want something get done, go do it yourself! Just gave a tip and maybe even a trick! Ha to that!

So once again welcome in my happy ending and thanks for listening.

My name is Tessey and I am a story teller <3

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